July 29, 2004


(via LGF) I wish all those people who spent eight bucks and two hours on Fahrenheit 9/11 would spend 12 minutes watching the Kerry On Iraq Documentary. I heard one person say that Moore's movie made President Bush look incompetent; well, Republicans can put together a series of clips that makes Kerry look just as bad.


Apparently Kerry already put together his own movie, which makes him sound like a complete tool. I can only imagine what my husband would say if I asked him what he'd think of a soldier reenacting glory scenes for film. Cripes.

(My brother and I used to make fake documentaries about him as a basketball player, with me as the announcer and interviewer. That seems really dorky to me now, and we were 9 and 7 when we did it. I can't believe Kerry was doing these things when he was an adult.)

Posted by Sarah at July 29, 2004 08:49 AM

Something about these films mr. Kerry made on his own bothers me a bit: Is this how he thinks of himself, 30 years ago? Have these movies become his memories of that time?

Living in the past is bad enough, but in a fantasy past?


Posted by: Tym at July 29, 2004 04:22 PM