July 16, 2004


Lileks is also cool.

I hate this; God I hate this. But I don’t have any longing for normalcy, as Noonan put it the other day, because normalcy was a delusion, a diaphanous curtain draped over the statue of Mars. Nor do I want a time out, a breather, an operational pause. I want to cut to the chase. I want Iran in the hands of its people and leaning to the West again, I want Lebanon independent of Syrian rule, I want Syria isolated and cowed, Arafat dead and buried in the land of his birth – or Paris, symbolically – and the Saudi Civil War done and over with pragmatists in power. I'd like this all tomorrow please.

Noon is fine, if it works for everyone else.

Posted by Sarah at July 16, 2004 07:00 AM

I picked the exact same quote - is that like turning up to a party wearing the same dress as somebody else? Not that I would wear a dress... a kilt, maybe...

Posted by: Dominic at July 16, 2004 11:18 AM

Great minds think alike...and I'm sure you'd look darling in a dress.

Posted by: Sarah at July 16, 2004 11:57 AM