July 13, 2004


A good NY Post article, via DGCI:

The report condemns the CIA for overstating the intelligence it did have on Iraq's weaponry. But it doesn't claim that the CIA actively discarded or disregarded contravening evidence. There was almost no evidence that Saddam did not possess weapons of mass destruction until after the war was won and we began looking for them.

I know I've become a linker lately; the truth is that I don't have time for anything else. In fact, I should be grading papers right now instead of reading the NY Post. (I also don't have anything new to say that hasn't already been said elsewhere, but that's a different issue altogether.) My friend here, known for throwing hilarious fake tantrums, grumbled at me yesterday because I never come knit or sew with her anymore; I have a half-made quilt that's been sitting there for over six weeks. She's right; I don't do much of anything anymore except work, teach, grade, and try to get some sleep while other people's dogs are keeping me up all night. Only two and a half more weeks of this school term though, and then I get a break until October.

Posted by Sarah at July 13, 2004 09:16 AM