July 02, 2004


There's nothing that makes me smile quite as big as doing our online banking and seeing Electronic Check Tikrit as a transaction. Good to know he has access to money.

Posted by Sarah at July 2, 2004 01:26 PM

ATMs work everywhere! Or does that mean vendors are now accepting debit cards?

Posted by: Mike at July 2, 2004 11:52 PM

Yeah ATMS work everywhere! I'm headin out to the Middle East soon and that's one of the first things I check on!

Posted by: athena at July 3, 2004 03:50 AM

Actually, most soldiers don't have access to ATMs (as far as I understand). They were all encouraged to bring a checkbook, because there's a cash cage downrange where they write a check and get the money from the military funds. So it really is an electronic check.

Posted by: Sarah at July 3, 2004 08:58 AM