June 15, 2004


My husband has been gone for four months as of yesterday, and today is our wedding anniversary. I made him a special gift that he certainly doesn't need when the temperatures are pushing 130:


He wrote me a funny email this morning:

I don't have much else to say except I love you and I'm very thankful that
you're my wife. I'm also thankful that an AC-130 didn't bomb our wedding two
years ago. Cause that happens, ya know. I should be able to call today, inshah

Happy Anniversary, Blue 6. I sure do miss you.

Posted by Sarah at June 15, 2004 07:11 AM

Well congrats on the anniversary, bummer you aren't able to spend it together. I wonder now that I am happily ensconced in middleage, and married, just what I would do without my wife? I get serious agita thinking of it. Well again best wishes to you and your husband.

Posted by: Bubba Bo Bob Brain at June 15, 2004 07:26 AM

Sarah - congratulations on two years. Perhaps it helps that you are surrounded by those who know first hand what deployed anniversaries are all about.

My best to you and your husband!


Posted by: Tim at June 15, 2004 09:38 AM

Happy Anniversary, from a British reservist in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Posted by: Flarkey at June 15, 2004 10:42 AM

happy anniversary you two love birds....i feel that the two of you will be together for #3...
my son, michael has missed so many events over the past 13 months also....on mother's day last year when he left friedberg germany with the 1AD, he left behind his wife of one year and 4 months and their 9 day old son...there will be a lot of time to make up between michael and his son....
have a great day sarah and do something special that would reflect on your's and your husband's love for each other....have the radio station play "your" song or see a movie that the two of you enjoyed together...invite friends over and have an anniversary party but by all means celebrate the day....this day will not come again....
proud army mom of michael/camp victory

Posted by: teresa at June 15, 2004 12:59 PM

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!
Maybe this will be the one you and your husband will talk about when you are celebrating your 50th Anniversary. Best to you and Chin Up.

Posted by: Toni at June 15, 2004 01:23 PM


Happy anniversary!!

Marietta, GA

Posted by: Dana at June 15, 2004 02:32 PM

I wish you both many more wonderful years together!

Posted by: Kelly at June 15, 2004 03:46 PM

Happy Anniversary, Sarah!

June 15...what a lovely date for a wedding.

I hope you do get to talk to Blue 6 (Lt. Grok?) today. And even though he doesn't need that handsome sweater now, he sure will when he returns to Germany...especially since I hear that most of the men and women out there are becoming somewhat accustomed to the heat. It's going to take a long time to adjust back.

Hey, tell us about your wedding! :)

Posted by: Carla at June 15, 2004 04:12 PM

Happy Anniversary!! Another special day that will be much, much better next year!

Posted by: Beth at June 15, 2004 06:16 PM

Happy Anniversary!!

While I have never been in the military, have experienced the hardship of being separated (I was based in Singapore, wife was in the US). Our longest stretch apart was 10 months. Not fun. God Bless you and your husband for your sacrifice and may every day when he returns be another excuse to celebrate being together.

Posted by: Andrew at June 15, 2004 10:15 PM

Happy Anniversary, Sarah, aka Bundy kid #3 (?)
I love you and would never call one of my favorite cousins a bad word :)

Posted by: Peg Bundy at June 15, 2004 10:33 PM

Happy Anniversary! My husband and I still laugh at our honeymoon too - we celebrated our anniversary last month although he celebrated a day early due to Iraq's time difference ;). At the time we married, he was a Drill Sergeant and could only get one day off for us to get married (and not the day we planned ha!). Our honeymoon was going to O'Charlie's for dinner lol. The best part was getting to marry my best friend and spend the rest of my life with him. Our marriage has turned out to be the real honeymoon ;).

Wishing you and your husband many years of happiness - and may this be the only anniversary you must celebrate apart.

Posted by: Shannon at June 15, 2004 11:29 PM

What is it that you see funny about weddings being attacked by US gunships? Like your husband said "that happens, you know".

Since it was not your wedding where the guests were slaughtered by US warplanes I guess in your eyes it is funny when it happens to someone else.

You people are really sick.

Posted by: dc at June 16, 2004 04:11 AM

Oh yeah

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