May 03, 2004


Heh. Sweet.


Posted by Sarah at May 3, 2004 10:02 AM

अतीव सुन्दरे तव पादत्रे
atiiva sundare tava paadatre
'very beautiful (neuter dual) your socks (neuter dual) [are]'

(OK, paadatra is a 'foot-covering' or a 'shoe', but it's the closest word I can find.)

The socks are similar yet they have different color patterns. Did you decide the patterns in advance, or do you just make up the patterns as you go along?

Posted by: Amritas at May 3, 2004 12:21 PM

Oops, forgot to insert a | period. It's my first time typing देवनागरी Devanagari in a comments section, and it might be the first Sanskrit comment in Devanagari script ever in the Anglophone blogosphere. (There could be more such comments in Indian blogs.)

Also, पादत्र paadatra is the singular of पादत्रे paadatre. The पाद paada part means 'foot' and is cognate to English foot - the Proto-Germanic ancestor of English shifted p to f and d to t, whereas Sanskrit kept the original p and d sounds just like Greek (-pod) and Latin (ped-).

तव पदावप्यतीव सुन्दरौ |
tava paadaav apy atiiva sundarau.
'your feet (masc. dual) also very beautiful (masc. dual) [are]'

You're female, but your feet are masculine.

Posted by: Amritas at May 3, 2004 12:33 PM

Aaargh - पदावप्यतीव padaav apy atiiva should be पादावप्यतीव paadaav apy atiiva as in the romanization. The lack of spacing between words reflects the Sanskrit rule of not inserting spaces unless a word ends with a vowel (or H or M) and the next word begins with a consonant. So ifwe wroteEnglishlikeSanskrititwouldlooksomethinglikethis. (Every word after "we" in that sentence ends in a consonant, so no spaces can be inserted.)

Posted by: Amritas at May 3, 2004 12:38 PM

Okay, I am completely intimidated. What can one leave after those comments?

Posted by: Oda Mae at May 3, 2004 06:20 PM

You're intimidated, Oda Mae? I actually felt dumb writing that stuff because I should have gotten it right the first time and restricted myself to one comment. But no.

Sarah, can you share your knitting secrets with us, or are they another classified military secret? :)

Posted by: Amritas at May 3, 2004 06:33 PM

That image initially reminded me of watching Pippi Longstocking way back when I was young.

That image quickly changed when Amritas pointed out that your feet are masculine. ;o)

Posted by: Larry at May 3, 2004 11:04 PM

My feet are asexual, but seriously wide.

Posted by: Parkway Rest Stop at May 4, 2004 05:00 AM

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