May 01, 2004


James Hudnall's stepfather died recently, and James been going through bits and pieces of his stepfather's life.

I had a thought the other day about the letters I send to my husband. He's keeping all of them -- actually he said he already has too many to store under his cot and is mailing them all back to me -- and I figure we'll put them in a box or folder somewhere in our home. I started thinking about how my mother-in-law found a box of letters between her father and her grandfather, detailing her childhood, when her father passed away. I started to think that maybe someday my children will read the letters my husband and I wrote back and forth while he was in Iraq. And then I started to panic. Oh my goodness, I'd better watch my mouth in my letters! I better not send him anything I wouldn't want my grandchildren to read!

Would we be the same people we are if we knew our grandchildren were watching?

Posted by Sarah at May 1, 2004 08:37 AM

I hear you! I've got a box of, ahem, "personal" letters to/from my husband during his travels that fall into the "burn-before-reading-unless-you-want-to-be-scarred-for-life" category. Our poor kids...

Posted by: Lyana at May 1, 2004 03:09 PM

Thanks for the link. Chuck kept every piece of mail from the last 12 years from what I could find. Even his junk mail! I had to go through it all. There were letters from me from years ago, which were interesting to read because they talked about the state of my life at the time.

There was an "angry" letter from my mom to him, or so my mom said. When I read it it was not so bad. But I could see how my mom was feeling when she wrote it.

It was strange to read all that stuff. I had to go through his mail to see if there were any important statements that would be needed for his estate and I threw away what wasn't needed. It took me a couple of days.

There were letters from people he knew who were strangers to me. They sent pictures of their kids and you could watch them grow up over the years of letters and photos that were sent. It was an interesting experience to go through that.

Posted by: James Hudnall at May 1, 2004 04:12 PM

I'm also transferring all of our emails into word documents to eventually print and keep because that's been our primary means of communication.

She's all set to leave behind or burn everything from this tour - I told her under no circumstances is that allowed - she has to keep it all to show the grandkids!

Posted by: Beth at May 1, 2004 09:59 PM

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