April 19, 2004


It's entirely depressing when the WaPo hears about my husband before I do. Oh well, at least I can find out info somewhere. Here's an article about an ambush my husband's convoy encountered last week.


Of the $87 million allotted for Iraq, 75% of it was supposed to go towards military expenditures, CavX recently taught me. Never forget that Kerry voted for this proposal before he voted against it. If Kerry had gotten his way, we probably wouldn't even have the HMMWVs and body armor that we have now...

Posted by Sarah at April 19, 2004 11:05 AM

U.S. troops, parents confirm Humvee risks
Tales of fear, tragedy in unarmored vehicles

"I want to add my voice to the chorus of military families thanking you for exposing this grave problem facing our troops. What does the fact that soldiers are sent into battle without proper armor to protect them say about the current administration's true concern for the men and women serving in Iraq? Nothing good. This administration wants to piggyback on the bravery and valiance of the soldiers, yet sends them out ill-equipped and undermanned. So many have died, so much blood has been shed. Shame on George Bush.
Diana Holt,
A proud Army mom of a First Cav soldier now fighting in Sadr City"


Posted by: florian at April 19, 2004 05:51 PM


1. Do you know anything at all about the procurement process? Or about manufacturing lead times? Bush does not have the capability to snap his fingers and have sufficient numbers of the newer body armor magically appear in Iraq. My understanding is that the manufacturing capacity in that area has ramped up significantly in the past year (body armor), and that armor for the Humvees is progressing at a faster rate as well. But that doesn't mean that we should have waited either. As for the undermanned part - where are these extra troops going to come from?

2.Are you implying that Bush is doing all of this for political gain?

3. A sincere thanks to your son for his service, and to you for helping to instill in him a willingness to work for something larger than himself.

Posted by: yak at April 19, 2004 06:40 PM

The body armor issue is a red herring. All troops had it, but some didn't have the most modern version. I went over to Kuwait last spring as a civilian, and was issued body armor, as were all the troops.

Posted by: Mike at April 19, 2004 11:36 PM

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