April 01, 2004


NotDeskmerc has an inspired post today about what happens to you when the war on terror touches your life. Amritas once said that blogging has made the abstract real: soldiers are now real people, like my husband or Smash or Hook. They're real people who miss their families, excitedly take photos of camels, and wear 100 extra pounds of gear in 130 degree weather. They're real.

Please take a moment to go read NotDeskmerc's post. It's the story of a real soldier.

Posted by Sarah at April 1, 2004 03:33 PM

Real people who get to tell their own stories, not filtered by some journalist or writer who may have their own line to push.

When you understand that it's real people, it makes it all that much better and worse.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at April 1, 2004 05:40 PM

Probably the coolest aspect of my blog is that people who hate Bush and are against what we're doing in Iraq nevertheless not only keep up with Nerdstar, they send her cards and packages. Because it is about real people.

Posted by: Beth at April 2, 2004 07:43 AM

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