March 24, 2004


I've been enjoying re-reading 1984, and I have found lots of stuff that I want to say about it, but that will have to wait. Briefly though, last night I found the Newspeak word for how I've been feeling lately: ownlife. Being alone, "individualism and eccentricity". That's how I've felt since my two best friends left for Iraq...up until the other day when I was talking to an acquaintance. Somehow the conversation twisted and turned until we were both nodding our heads that we support President Bush in the war on terror but think the Marriage Amendment is a bad idea. I think my jaw hit the floor. Someone to talk to...

Posted by Sarah at March 24, 2004 07:40 AM

That's a nice way to describe the experience (I've just survived a one year Army Reserve deployment). I agree regarding Bush. I love your blog, too BTW.

Posted by: LegalEagle at March 24, 2004 08:17 AM