March 15, 2004


I had other things I wanted to write about this morning, but then I saw the results of voting in Spain. Via LGF I went over to Daily Kos and found this:

While I very much agree with Meteor Blades, that Stirling is providing the best stuff on the web about Madrid, I do disagree that this is a potential pattern for the U.S. In Spain, 90% of the populace opposed the war in Iraq as they, like the majority of Europeans, thought it would increase terrorism not decrease it, and the bombings confirmed this interpretation. In the US, alas, the majority still see Iraq as part of the war on terror and if a similar event happenened before the US election - god forbid - I think the response would be just the opposite, the need to intensify the fight and rally around the flag and vote Bush. Look what happened to Dean when he told the truth about Saddam's arrest not making America safer.

This commenter sees this as a bad thing, but I see it as the fundamental difference between Europe and America. Europe believes in appeasement and collectivist internationalism; the US believes in kicking ass and taking names. The Lefties at Daily Kos and many people my age are horrified by the US's "get 'er done" attitude, but I see it as the only way this fight will ever end.

I'm saddened to see one of our strong allies disappear. I'm sad that if they leave us out to dry in Iraq, I won't be visiting their country, and I'm a huge fan of southern Spain. But Spaniards have shown their priorities, and they don't jive with mine. Though, as Belmont Club said today, "Although many commentators have excoriated the Spanish electorate for its capitulation to terror, we must never forget that the slightly smaller half decisively rejected it. These we honor and the rest we pity."

Any future-Americans among that slightly smaller half?


Read Nelson Ascher.

And Porphyrogenitus and I have a cyclical back-patting going on. He's right, if I may paraphrase, that some Americans grok 3/11 like some Europeans grokked 9/11, but the vast majority just don't care.

Tom reminds us that this is what the electoral college is for.

Posted by Sarah at March 15, 2004 07:30 AM

though i am from belgium, i don't support the "french" stance of our government at all. however, regarding spain, i think one of the reasons for the defeat of aznar is that he tried to hide the truth about the authors of the attacks of 3/11. he tried to put the blame on the basque terrorist, while everything pointed to islamist terrorists. thus he tried to exploit this tragedy for his own objectives byt telling lies. i can understand some people are scandalized by such behaviour.

Posted by: jan (belgium) at March 15, 2004 10:54 AM

Regardless of who is responsible, the vote gives support to those who believe attacks will get countries to pull troops. I think we'll see more of this, now.

Poland is the one country they should think twice about hitting. The Poles are the kind who, when hit, strike back harder than before.

Posted by: Mike at March 15, 2004 01:12 PM

i agree with you mike (allthough i wouldn't underestimate the brits either). further i thoroughly disagree with the cowardly belgian government, but i do so on most points. not that our military would have made the difference. just look at our minister of defence.

Posted by: jan (belgium) at March 15, 2004 01:50 PM

>everything pointed to islamist terrorists

No, it didn't, and Aznar was "punished" for not jumping to conclusions. The explosive used was the same type used by Eta in earlier bombings, as was the "remote control" method instead of the suicide type. Eta operatives are trained in Lebanon and Iran. Three Eta operatives were apprehended at around Christmastime on a train with (drum roll please) a backpack full of the same explosive. The miltiple coordinated attack, however, is pure al-Qaeda.
All signs actually point to a cooperative venture. The black hats ride together, people.

Posted by: CavalierX at March 15, 2004 03:33 PM

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