March 09, 2004


I freaking hate the New York Times, but I have to give them credit today for doing an entire story on our Brigade. (Ugh, login required. Did I mention I freaking hate them?) It includes quotes from our Colonel, who is not only the most motivated guy you'll meet, but also has the highest PT score of anyone on our post. There's also a quote from our Lieutenant Colonel, who's an all-around great guy. It's nice not to read about 1-77 for a change (wink).

I'm stealing Charles Johnson's flying pig photo to capture the moment I was grateful to the NYT.


Posted by Sarah at March 9, 2004 08:25 PM

You know, as a former infantryman, it just struck me that a fantasy of mine has just come true.

All those tankers now hafta walk for living. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh, how I was taunted when I worked in the S-3 of an armor battalion. "We're tankers, we don't walk! Grunt, go walk somewhere and bring me a soda." Who is laughing now?

Besides, the only thing a tank is good for is heating my coffee on the exhaust. And you can't store any pogey bait in the ammo rack anymore, you get to lug your Snickers and Dinty Moore cans around in bags. HEAVY, ISN'T IT?

Heh. Sorry. It just suddenly struck me as highly amusing.

Posted by: Jason at March 10, 2004 02:31 AM