March 08, 2004


Friend comes over for dinner last night. Friend brings huge Akita dog. Sarah's house is not puppy-proof. Dog decides he wants to chew on Sarah's deceased grandma's teddy bear. We take it away. Dog decides yarn also makes a fun toy and tears apart two skeins, one of which is very expensive. Friend leaves for the night. Dog may not be invited back...

Posted by Sarah at March 8, 2004 09:54 AM

Understand. Lent book to friend with dog. Book returned with cover torn off and pages chewed. Lent videotape to friend. Tape returned intact; case not so intact. Own gigantic anime/manga/comics collection. Not have money to puppy-proof. Ergo, no dog ever.

Posted by: Amritas at March 8, 2004 10:40 AM

Why does someone bring a pet to someone else's house?

Posted by: Mike at March 8, 2004 12:37 PM

It's a German thing...dogs go everywhere here.

Posted by: Sarah at March 8, 2004 03:08 PM

That is why I love kitties and small dogs.

Posted by: tom at March 8, 2004 03:34 PM

This dog lover says one thing. No more friend. How classless is it to take a pet to someone else's home? We aren't talking about a street cafe here. Geez!

Posted by: Heather at March 9, 2004 10:20 PM