March 01, 2004


I've been keeping this thought in the back of my mind for a few weeks now, and so I thought I'd bring it up now. I found this article at DailyKos and I can't get it out of my mind: 7 Soldiers Meet Death in Iraq at 18

Now obviously the Truthout website had an ax to grind, and the heartstrings they pull are less than subtle. One soldier still collected baseball cards. Another already had a son. We read tragic-laden sentences like "Less than a year after leading the Pledge of Allegiance at his high school graduation, the former student council president and cheerleader found himself preparing to cross the Tigris River last April 7 in the siege of Baghdad. He never made it."

Before anyone thinks that I'm belittling their deaths, let me say that I'm crushed when any servicemember dies. I live surrounded by these young men and women, and the thought of any of them dying tears at my heart. But what Truthout spins away from is the sense of duty and obligation these young men had for their country; instead they spin towards the boys' parents' bitter resentment.

One soldier left a letter in a safe-deposit box for his parents, saying

Everyone sooner or later has to part this world. It makes me proud to know that I left while protecting the United States.
Eighteen is such a young age, and you're probably thinking of all the things that I'm going to miss out on. Don't. I got to live such a wonderful life because of you two, and because of that I don't regret missing anything that would later come in the future.

Another Lance Corporal told his mother, "Mom, they're messin' with my country, and I won't let it happen." Most of the quotes from the boys are about patriotism, duty, and love of country. But their parents are quoted saying things like "It's a big waste of his life" and "They messed up all his plans."

I just think that's sad, that's all.

Posted by Sarah at March 1, 2004 11:10 AM

I think it's a good sign that the people who are actually risking their lives in this war know why they're doing it. The left just can't understand that some people actually do love America and are willing to die in order to defend their country.

Incidentally, I'd like to see Truthout dig up some stories about entire families being raped, tortured, and killed in Iraq.

Of course, that would justify military action, so we'll never see it. So much for compassion.

Posted by: CD at March 1, 2004 05:40 PM


Nothing ever justifies military action except (1) non-AmeriKKKan culture and (2) being attacked by AmeriKKKans. Rape ... torture ... killing ... it's Iraqi *culture*. They LOVED Saddam. They ELECTED him. They were so much more democratic than we are. Look at how Bush was forced on us even though 99.9% of AmeriKKKans voted for Gore. Why can't Waste-rners stop judging Peoples of Colorâ„¢ and look at their own backyards where people struggle without socialized health care, clothing, food, shelter, air ...! Every dollar wasted on the military could go to contributing to a mandatory $42/second minimum wage, but NOOOO.

"Compassion"? Another Racistâ„¢ concept. Besides, once a word is paired with "conservative," it automatically becomes tainted and forever banned from Newspeak.

Seriously, "Truthout" can have another meaning if you think about it: truth out, and ... something else in: i.e., turtledove fantasies.

Posted by: Amritas at March 2, 2004 06:59 PM